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By: Nolan Stenhouse
Master Carver Gurrieri boss of the Federici Workshop in Bologna, is glad to tell that their

Florentine frames are now ready and available to be ordered. Federici Workshop appeared in 1905 and is the most important workshop across The european union.

During the last century Federici Workshop is making of picture frame production its main talent wanting to duplicate in the best way possible the enourmos amount of traditional style painting frames belonging to the most important state museums in Eu region. Federici has great understanding of the massive volume of different kind of wood frames in the antique market and can easily go through the reproduction of painting frames of several European regions such as Spain, France and Italy.

It's been now roughly 3 decades since Massimiliano for the first time wood carved a picture frame for an old piece of art. M. Gurrieri had the truly amazing opportunity to increase his experience in the field of the picture frames at a very early edge having as teachers the very best picture framers of Europe. This is actually the key factor about the fantastic abilities of Mr. Gurrieri. From that period every single issue about picture framing happens to be for Mr. Massimiliano a challenge.

A truly curious thing about old frames is that plenty of them were sacrificed during the world war 2 becouse Germans, in the very end of the war begin to destroy the painting frames of the old master paintings they had robbed all over the states under their control achieving to store them in a easier way, in fact artworks with no frame could weight a lot less and can occupied significantly less space. This is one good reason why there's lots of valuable original art pieces without frame or in certain cases there's a frame that doesn't fit at all, when it comes to style, with its painting.

The main method to obtain inspiration for the carvers and gilders of Workshop Federici comes from the carved frames collected at Pinacoteca Bologna Museum where everybody can admire lots of Italian master works of art. Among the others, these types of replicas have been used to frame painters such as Raffaello and G. Reni.

We asked Master Carver M. Gurrieri about the procedure of buying a gilt frame made by the Wokshop Federici. "The common delivery time for the customers is about 60 and 90 days. If we don_t have too many orders in line we're able to ship in 2 months and frequently . if there are many orders in the queue clients can expect to have their antique picture frames in approximately 3 months. Our experts are well trained with all kinds of classic frames thus difficulty of the style doesn't really affect the delivery time. A money down payment of 50% is required to acomplish the order."
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