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By: Antonio Hanks
Child Day Care: A child day care in your home if you have a basement or extra room/space. You need to purchase small chairs and tables, games, toys, and outdoor play items. Prices vary with area or neighborhood. Most states require a license and some training, especially 1st Aid and Child CPR.

If a top mystery shopping companies is doing an excellent job of reporting, and it is reliable, I tend to lean more about them. This means they have more work. From our point of view, much work means: after all the instructions exactly, if a section is necessary, make sure it leaves no question (going back and forth to get more details of a customer slows our billing process) there is no acronyms, all sentences are complete and use the Google toolbar spell or another spell check program to correct spelling errors. The less editing / correction of reports, the more we like shopping and use.

It really isn't that hard to become a mystery shopper. There are a lot of companies that are local, national and international - that are available for you to apply for a job. These companies are always looking for new secret shoppers and all you need to do is apply.

1 being unsatisfactory, to 5 being excellent. They asked for ratings on 8 different items, such as quality of service, attitude, sales skills, etc. Then you supposedly sent this to them for rating and proving your work. They then purport to have additional assignments. All this just to get you to deposit the check and send the two $980 wire transfers. That's where they make their money.

There are plenty of sites like Mechanical Turk and KeyForCash that pay you for doing certain tasks for clients. Tasks may include: writing and rewriting articles, filling up surveys, tweet sentiment analysis, business card encoding and website classifications.

Whats the best thing about mystery shopping jobs? They earn money, they get free stuff. Whats the worst thing about mystery shopping? There are a lot of people who want to do it which means there is some fierce competition..

Basically, a mystery shopper job, or secret shopper, checks the performance and service of retail businesses. In turn, they are reimbursed for meals, products, or services.

It turned out that they thought that I live in the middle of nowhere, because not too many companies were something that was available to me. Only a few companies offered me nothing and the shops that offered what I had in mind. I read the promises of clothing stores and malls, and the ability to keep the goods. However, this does not happen in my case.
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