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By: Aida Dugan
Master framer Gurrieri manager of Federici Studio in Bologna, Italia is pleased to declare that their antique picture frames are presently prepared and available to be ordered. Federici Lab was created in 1905 and is the most necessary workshop all across the western countries.

Since the very beginning the Workshop targeted its main output in the manufacturing of huge and minor antique picture frames. Many of them have been done for antique master works belonging to stae museums, relevant Art Galleries and private collectors since 1905. Copies can go through different styles as Renaissance period,Empire,Neoclassicist and could be manufactured practicing different shapes: Italian, Spanish and French form are definitely the most utilized. Each period frame is manufactured choosing best materials as antique carvers and gilders had done before. For gilding process can be used Dutch and authentic gold leaf. Dhl courrier is considered the most used courrier in order to deliver the painting frames inside Eu region. A documentation of Autenticity is sent with the wood frame, under request to the buyer, describing the specific details of the frame.

The father of Massimiliano Gurrieri persuaded him to go and dedicate an worthwhile time in the workshop. He got the chance to invest some time at the lake but he imagined he would get much more benefit of staying at home and try to become familiar with a extremely traditional tecnique which is wood carving of the wood and so continued for 3 long month tacking these special classes from some of the best wood carver of all European countries. Since that very first frame carving had become the major ability of Massimiliano. He has manufactured since than a countless number of old carved and gilt frame reproductions.It's because of that decision that today Mr. Massimiliano Gurrieri is so searched for framing valuable artists such as Carracci and Caravaggio.

Throughout the world war 2 the Nazis stole lots of antique art pieces from the occupied countries under their control but at the end of the war, while American soldiers were almost winning the war , the Germans start to destroy the majority of the original frames containing the master paintings taken to be able to hide and hold all of them easily. This is the major reason why nowdays there is a huge number of old master pieces of art with no frame or with a terrible frame which has not been produced toghether with the painting.

Frames from the Federici Workshop are imitations of real painting frames generally belonging to the Pinacoteca of Bologna, which is the main pubblic museum in the city for old Italian paintings. Among the others, these kind of replicas have been used to frame painters as Raffaello and G. Reni.

If you would ask M.Gurrieri how to purchase a frame he will gives the answer: "The usual delivery time for the clients is about 60 and 90 days. If we have few orders in line we're able to deliver in just sixty days and sometimes much less. If we have lots of orders in the clients can expect to have their antique picture frames in about 90 days. Our gilders and carvers are trained with all types of old picture frames so difficulty of the design does not really change the delivery time. A advance payment of 50% is needed to acomplish the order."

Get in touch with Master Gilder Gurrieri on 393333720043 to get more infos or have a look at
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