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By: Concepcion Gagai
How to Travel to India

Among the largest beaches in the Northern part of Goa is Calangute which is very popular among the tourists who come to visit the place all twelve months year round. One would be amazed to see the huge number of domestic and foreign tourists that come to this beautiful spot to celebrate the New Years Eve and the big day of Christmas! Also the other month in which you could enjoy here is the full month of May. The Parasailing experience and the Tinto Market here is just amazing!

Here are a few insights into subjects that appear to emerge as matter of concern -

The colours, smells, and encounters are a true assault on the senses, so be prepared for this. Indians as a whole are extremely family-oriented people, so the national country is very family-friendly as a result. People shall be happy to help you, and will no doubt rotten spoilt your little ones, putting a smile on their faces. This is a destination that your children won't forget, and the bright colours and noise will make it totally different from anywhere else they've been before.

When to go: India's climate varies massively and the time of year you are free to travel should definitely effect where you choose to go - you would be mad, for example, in June or July or in Ladakh in February to be in Rajasthan.

Nevertheless, we arrived at Delhi airport filled with trepidation still. It doesn't matter how much antibacterial hand-wash you squirt into the palms of your children, there's no way of telling how culture shock might affect them. And it wasn't as if we were about to break them in gently. Our first family experience of the sub-continent was a tuk-tuk ride from the airport to the railway station.

Find out places to visit at your desired destination:

I recommend you go through a professional travel agent to book your travel to India. The air travel and hotel are easy enough to book, but booking travel between states and cities is a bit more complex and you will want reliable travel. India's famous sites are scattered all over the country, so you need ground transportation.

Public transportation can be overwhelming for many as most international travelers are not accustomed to crowds that large in number. Also, the concept of queuing up in order is not something one should expect.

The ‘where' question is a very complicated one! India is huge, and where you go really depends on what you want to see and how prepared you are to travel around. Obviously the Taj Mahal is synonymous with India, and for that you need to visit Agra. You can look for a day trip from Delhi for this easily, and the kids will love visiting this world-famous landmark.

Else, access to auto and cabs rickshaws is easy depending on the distance and your budget. Trains are a great way of seeing the Indian cultural and physical topography! Now! Enjoy the the majority of what India has to offer. As I earlier said, you might find the place slightly hot in the summer or little over crowded or the food too spicy but that's India for you. Here's a list of things you are going to hate about India and here's yet another list why you will love India I hope this how to travel to India guide has been useful.. Feel free to ask any relevant questions and I will get back to you.

I motivate all visitors to understand that more than 80% of India's population are of Hindu faith or believe in Dharma; this means that most everyone believes that by living virtuously, they shall attain a higher level of being in their next life. In other words, even the poor men, women and children of India happily live, so try not to dwell on their poverty; they don't. Arrive knowing that India is a different place and recognize it for its beautiful people, vibrant culture and exciting history

The People: I have had almost exclusively bad encounters with the predominantly Hindu population of India. Most of the extended encounters I had with Indians ended with them either trying to rob me, rip me off or asking me for money. Sikhs, Tibetans and buddhists tended to be a lot more trustworthy than the average Hindu. Sikhs are extremely hospitable and it is possible to get free accommodation and food at most Sikh temples. You will definitely be approached by some nice seeming Hindus with excellent English - they are probably trying to steal from you. This happened to me a lot and I was stolen from twice in a year. If you are a women and are being approached by men they are trying to sleep with you, try not to travel alone. Southern India is more laid back than Northern India and the most hassle you will get in India is around the golden triangle and in big cities. People residing in the Himalayas tend to be lovely absolutely. Be careful whilst couchsurfing in India - although there are some nice hosts a lot of them are really bad news.
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